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I'm not really good in making blogs.
Maybe after i made this, i'll forget i made it and then in a few months realise that i've had a blog. 😌
Anyway, on to blog news then?

Err,,, I'm really having problems with practising on my bassguitar.
I've had Acoustic Guitar lessons since January.
But in Octobre (on my birthday ) I got my bassguitar. (😍And it's very beautifull :))
And i told my musicteacher about it. He asked me if i wanted to join the Schoolband because they didn't have anybody on the bassguitar yet.
So now im in the Schoolband and its going pretty well. But now i have to learn this jazz tab which is very hard.

But hey~! Im pretty good for someone who plays bass for a month :wave:

Ok, the end of my first blog.
See you all later~!



you still didn't show me !!! So show me Arlet XD
Omg keep practising !! Maybe you will be able to try a A9 band tab ones ? Or Gazette but I guess those are harder..
I wish I had time to practice playing on the guitar.. If I don't even have time for that I'd better not buy a bass yet
Actually, i can play Q-Alice nine Already.
And Merrymaking of Antic Cafe.
And also some other numbers i have to practise.
You should try. I bought a bass guitar for only 256 euro.
So, its not that expensive, u have to buy a starters pack.
You have evrything and very cheap~!
keep up the good work! Maybe we will both make a single, because i have experience in J-music, only j-pop.


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