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First Blood

I have seen the movie "First Blood" for the first time since the 80's. It's just as good I as I remembered. Even better, because I realized for the first time that it was not just an action movie, but it actually has a much deeper meaning.

Incidentally, it was based on the book "First Blood" by David Morrell.

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Apparently, the book is far more bloody than the movie adaptation.


It's been ages, since I have seen that movie... Should rent (ahum, download it) when I got some time left.
It's worth it. If you can, I definately recommend lgetting the version with the author's commentary and listening to it after watching the movie. It's one of the better commentary tracks that I've heard, at least.
OK, I was at the movie rental place just now and they had actually raised the rental price for First Blood!! It looked like they had done the same with all the movies with their sequels in theaters now (like the Indiana Jones trilogy). The stock films are usually 100 yen for a week but they are charging the new release price which is 300 yen! It's an outrage.

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