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Wow I really like met this wonderfull girls today..
She is pretty nice and Listents to J-rock... She try's really hard to talk english to me ánd her Accent in it is sooo cute and adorible..

I wiss I met her earlier or never :( End this mond I will move to the netherlands.. And probably never se her again...
Why can two good things make one bad thing ???

I will go out on saterday again.. I hope I see her again.. My friend told me he will invite her.

Just two weaks... My best friend told me he will give a farwell party.. That's soo cool.
It sounds sad though...
I don't know anymore if I have to be happy with moving again. I hate french... but now I'm going to miss my friends..


well yeah you cannot wish for everything, i hope your friends will keep in touch with you and i hope your dad will find his small measure of peace in The Netherlands.
Well, tell me when u arrive in the Netherlands, i'll welcome you.
(if you're not going to live, Tooo far away. Like A'dam)

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