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Exploring 「こと」

Hello everyone!
Today I will explore the 「こと」construction as it is something which often shows up in written Japanese texts I've stumbled upon.

うれしそうな顔で 言わないでよ。
Normally, 悲しい is a い adjective (形容詞) which means ''sad''. Adjectives modify nouns which is how こと comes into play from what I understand.
こと acts as a noun to reflect ''something which is intangible''. In our sentence, it means ''a sad thing''. There's an example in the dictionary about this:
I'll tell you a good thing.
Note that it follows the same pattern as our example when it comes to structure of an adjective followed by こと.
Since this is a short entry, I thought I'd talk about kanji some more.
More about Kanji
I've uploaded another sample of my kanji practice. I've included some comments as well as links as putting full pages would take too much space.
-Page 1-
Not much to say here, mostly about 守る and 被る. The former being definitely more common and easier to remember than the latter. I was using a simple Bic pen then when I started. They work well enough and are not expensive at all.
-Page 2-

This one is definitely more filled up. I mostly learned 顔 from this page. The other kanji are less clear in my mind.
-Page 3-
I really like too kanji on this page, namely 無 and 正. They're both fun to write and show up often in written texts.
-Page 4-
This is when I tried different pen to find a better alternative. The strokes were too broad which makes the writing harder to make out or the pen released too much ink for more or less the same result.
-Page 5-
Back to pencil. Cheap and efficient although still too large for my taste.
-Page 6-
-Page 7-

-Page 8-
In those three pages, I went back to using a pilot pen with a 0.5 tip. Best result so far. I could write about 100 kanji on a single page I think.
-Page 9-
At page 9 I start using ''the Key to Kanji'' to learn and notice I'm much more efficient that way. Having the etymology to justify a memory really helps remembering kanji ranging from 信 to 許 and 可.

That's it for this entry, thanks for reading.


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