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Eternal Summer

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I knew “Eternal Summer” because of a song, then I know the film. About youth, about growth.

Eternal Summer promises a touching story about three innocent young people’s frustration and loneliness in searching for a fulfilling love relationship.

The film takes us back to the time when Jonathan and Shane become best mates at school, and form a bond which remains strong right up to their coming of age and their move to the big city as students. The two are thrown together in their childhood days when exemplary pupil Jonathan is told by his teacher to keep an eye on the problematic Shane. Over the years Jonathan feels the need occasionally to break away from this taut relationship, perhaps most of all when he befriends an attractive, unconventional girl in his class. However, a night spent together doesn’t turn out well and the experience sets a wedge between the couple, so it comes as no surprise when Carrie turns her affections towards Shane. Except that both young men, confused, tortured by remorse and by their own inhibitions, gradually realise that their friendship is more than mutual boyhood loyalty.
" Jonathan, do you know? Actually from then on, I knew you are different from the others. I just not brave enough, dare not with you... if I said bravely to teacher I would not, what would I get, and what would I lost now? What have we get and what have we lost in life? Maybe we can never fills life but the life is beautiful just because of incomplete.
Liking a person is actually very simple no matter for the beginning reason of lone, or for the later reason of habit. I love you not because who you are, but because who I am when I am with you.


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