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Entering the Kanji world

So, just finished Kanas and now I'm starting Kanji. And god, was I freeked out by the volume of information I supposedly had to learn/memorize! But then through my readings and a buddy of mine, I found out about Anki - powerful, intelligent flashcards and Learn Kanji Using Radicals|KANJIDAMAGE [what It's what I'm using now]. The idea is, Kanjidamage arrange the kanji cards in a specific order that it's easy and fast to remenber and Anki its the program that you use the cards file you got, and show them to you in a very smart way.
But the thing is, and it's probably just another newbie question, it feels just too simple! my initial quota of cards I gotta study it's 20, and I did it in 20min! now, I have all this free time and a unnerving sensation that I HAVE to be missing something!
In any case, gotta keep studying and asking around more about it, but, if this is it, then... I'll feel really dumb for not trying japanese earlier!


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