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Embarrassed With A Taxi Driver

At first I thought writing about this to some thread or making a new one but then I thought; "what a heck! I'll make it a blog entry!"
So. Here goes! :emoji_smile:

I was thinking about different customs and how people feel about various things in different countries and remembered an incident in Hiroshima.

We had stayed a night in the Hiroshima youth hostel (which was a cheap and nice place to stay by the way!) and in the morning we wanted to go see the Peace Memorial Park and A-bomb Dome, but we didn't really know our way around the place so I decided to ask the reception to order us a taxi while we were getting some breakfast.

It was raining outside when the taxi arrived and I went to take my bags to the trunk while my wife was fetching her's. This is when something unexpected happened!

The driver, who was an older man around his mid 60's (I think) jumped up from the car with an umbrella and was quickly holding it over me and trying to get my stuff from me while getting soaked himself!

What followed must have had him still shake his head when he got back home in the evening as I didn't really know how to act in the situation and actually tried to flee him and his umbrella!
Having a guy about three times my age suddenly "serve" me in such a way was just about the most embarrasing thing that ever happened to me and just felt outright wrong! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Even though I was the customer!

Still. I was honored! I don't think a 60+ taxi driver would do such a thing for a 20-year old lad he's picking up from a youth hostel in my home country. (Or in many other countries for that matter!)

Fortunately I survived and perhaps I'll know how to take it the next time something like that happens. I'm still wondering if other people have had same kinds of embarased moments with the Japanese style customer service.
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