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Ed Wood

Just recently, I saw the 1992 movie "Ed Wood" for the first time.

Until then, I honestly had no idea who Ed Wood was, and now that I've seen the movie, all I can say is that if he really did put his heart and soul in his movies like he is portrayed to have done in the movie I saw, as bad as his movies may be, at least they're genuinely from his heart.

There are probably more, but I found two of his movies on Youtube.

"Plan 9 from Outer Space"
Apparently, this movie is a leading contender for the worst movie ever made.

"Bride of the Monster"
It's sad to see Bela Lugosi having fallen so far as to star in this movie.

Just a note: The "Bride of the Monster" video is actually that of Mystery Science Theater 3000 when they watched it. You'll understand after watching the first part, if you're not familiar with MST3000.


Funny I've been getting that Pink Angora vibe from you, Ossan.

Tim Burton has been truly a hit-and-miss type of director for me but ED WOOD was a hit.

The difference between Ed Wood and people
like John Waters is exactly what you have described. Wood took his art very seriously and put his heart and soul into it and was oblivious to just how bad it was whereas Waters TRIES to make "Bad" films.

The sad thing is, Wood's films were indeed very very bad, and unlike John Waters, his being oblivious to just how bad they were prevented him from inserting any tongue-in-cheek, over-the-top "Wink Wink"s to the audience in his films to hint that he had been in on it all along.

People "in the know" like to say things like "It's So Bad It's Good" and try to get a chuckle or two out of watching his fims (MST 3000 for example), but I think Wood would have been VERY insulted by that.

Having watched the film ED WOOD, I have much admiration for his passion and dedication. So, if I had the chance, I would have told him with respect that his films were total pieces of poopoo with no redeeming quality whatsoever. The man deserves honesty!!
Ahahaha I used to love MST. I wonder if its still running...

I remember there was this really bad ed wood film where he played the role of a transsexual...the title of the film escapes me...I think it was him that starred and directed the film. I remembered from my film studies days that he was used as an example of what NOT to do in a film lol. I guess even though he is regarded as making the worst films in history at least he was immortalised in his own semi-biographical movie lol.
How did you know, ASHIKAGA? 😊

I think it's a bit unfair to call "Plan 9 from Outer Space" the worst movie ever made (My vote currently goes out to 'Manos': Hands of Fate"), but these lines are classic:

MST stopped airing I think in 1999. The movie where Ed Wood played a transvestite is "Glen or Glenda".


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