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Dream of Mirror Online: Version 6 Dances on In!

Hey Dreamers!

Get ready for new adventures with Dream of Mirror Online’s release of the Version 6 update! You’ve been waiting for a long time, and we’re proud to finally present a favorite returning class! That’s right…Dancers finally make their triumphant return!

*Dancer Class!*

One of DOMO’s best features has always been the ability for your character to play every class and mix and match class abilities. Now you can add the daring and destructive Dancer to your list of favorites! These sure-footed superstars have an awesome selection of skills: quick physical AoEs that can be learned early on, dances that reduce enemies’ attack and defense (and even increase yours!), and powerful debuffs that even work on bosses! Best of all, they’re highly flexible: they can be sensational soloers or perfect in parties! So get yourself down to Placid Plain and see Busker Biff about becoming that Dancer you’ve always wanted to be – you just might become a big fan!

*New High-Level Quests*

Are you on a first-name basis with the NPCs at Town-God Temple? Do you find the East Sea Plains just too….plain? Not to worry – there are some new quests in store for you! Strike out for the recently-discovered Foggy Forest, as well as the East Sea Plains, Town-God Temple, and the Second Canute Canal and see what lies in wait for you. But be sure to bring a team – and your A-game – because these higher-level quests aren’t for the faint of heart!

*Pet Nerf Rescinded*

You asked for it, Aeria heard you – and Softstar listened! Back by popular demand is the “pet retaliation” feature. Now, when you’re out and about and you or your pet gets attacked, your pet will defend itself against the malicious monster! In addition, when you send your pet out to fight and it gets hit by another enemy, it’ll knows to attack them next, instead of just returning to you again. So hit the fields, summon your favorite li’l buddy, and let the good times roll again!


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