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Do you explore around your area?

Warning: This blog will contain complaining.

Ok so I was notified by a friend of mine from my Japanese school that Japan Centre (a relatively famous shop amoung Japanophiles in London that sells many things mainly food related from Japan) had opened a couple of weeks ago a new shop in North Acton which is not so far away from me compared to the original in Piccadilly Circus. He gave me the paper that had all this information including the directions and I decided I would check it out on Sunday i.e. today.

I forgot the paper. And spent over two and a half hours trying to find it, I asked many people but only two guys had heard of it, but didn't know where it was. So yeah I was quite annoyed at that, but obviously more annoyed at myself for forgetting that god damn paper. However I wouldn't actually call all that time wasted, why? Well, I'd never looked around North Acton before.

I've lived in this part of London for about 3 years now, but I haven't even seen places that are 2-3 train stops away from me. I guess in some ways thats normal for some people, you just don't know anyone who lives there or you just have no reason in particular to go there, but I saw a lot of interesting things there and excluding the last hour or so I actually quite enjoyed the walk. The sun was shining and even though no-one could help everyone was still friendly.

I had no idea there were so many businesses had buildings in that area and thats when it hit me, this thing has happened before. I'd walk around places close to my area but have never had a reason to go there before, but discover all these cool areas that may not necessarily be attractive for tourists, however I find really charming and sometimes they trigger some sort of memory. Don't know how to explain it, its like I'm trying to remember something from my childhood, like I've been somewhere like here before, anyway the feeling is incredible.

So my question to you is do you explore around your area? Do you like walking around unknown areas or do you just stick to the areas that are relative to your daily life? Maybe I should have made a thread I don't know, but feel free to tell me your answers in the comments if you feel like it.



i get lost mostly and my BF finds it funny.
I do like exploring. But mostly in the summer. If Iツ'm already out I donツ't mind so much.
I found great places to and shops to visit this way. Even if I always get lost Iツ'll stil find my way some how.
I too mainly like to explore in the summer, actually any day that isn't freezing cold and/or pouring with rain lol

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