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Death death DEATH

Ahem... It's been awhile so I thought I'd update the invisible people who read my crap on my current status.

Things have been pretty good actually, I had been doing Kung Fu 4 times a week (school closed now, will be running again on Monday) which with my Uni and Japanese private classes (2 times a week) means I've had no life at all ^_^ but I was happy doing it. This term I think I'll change pace alittle and make time for seeing my friends who will hopefully remember what I look like...

On a happier note as by the title I've given this blog, my mind has recently been on the topic of my mortality, what brought it on? Don't remember. Questions have been raised in my head such as "what happens to us in death?", "is there really some sort of afterlife?", "why are we here?", "if we're going to die anyway why not overdose on Pocky sticks?" etc etc etc.. It has been bugging my for like a couple of weeks and I know in the end there is no real answer just beliefs.

So of course as most have hopefully experienced, I've started to really appreciate life and what it has to offer, that I have to live my own way, have as much fun as I can, spend more time with my family, spend more time looking for a girlfriend and get my mum that grandchild she's been pestering me about...

We might not be able to have everything we want or think we want, but most of the time the only thing that matters is what's under your nose.

Later! :wave:


Great post (at least for me), Jericho!

During the past several months, I've been thinking the same, with my husband's brush with death in a traffic accident and close relatives falling ill.

Whether or not we're some "special" creatures destined for afterlife or just another species crawling on this planet, we have only to just live here. So, why not live it fully each day. We may not be able to fulfill everything we wish things to be, but we should be trying.

Hope you do too, so that when you look back at your life, you'll feel you've lived it to the full in your own way. :haihai:

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