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:cool:If someone ask which is my favourite adventure comic and illustrator I would say: Savage Sword of Conan and John Buscema, which real name was Giovanne Natale Buscema. When I was a child I used to "stole" the comics of my Dad. He always tried to hidden from us, but children are terrible things and we found out all :) and we readed everything...

There was Tex and Zagor, but the first time I saw the savage man with the sword my eyes became brighter, I dont know which was the story but was Buscema... After I knew Barry Windsor Smith, another one I really love.

Today the illustrator of the comic is Tony De Zuniga, but his drawings remind too much of Smith, as they were a copy, not a original thing.

The black and white drawings made me feel as I was in another world, with all his strange shadows in every scene, as behing some tree or wall, there was a creature, monster or some other magic thing... Buscemas was inked by many artists, but no one was as Alfredo Alcala. He is the owner of the magic shadows I mentioned.

This is one of my favourite stories, A Witch is Born, and this is Conan fighting and the corpses falling at his feet...:)

The another one is "The Haunters of Castle Crimson" adapted from story the "Slave Princess" by Robert E. Howard.. And hoe could I forget? Roy Thomas was the writer who made the best adaptations... They were really the best ones: Thomas, Buscema and Alcala. I grew up with these guys:)

Now I shall leave you all, I have a long way to walk today... Maybe find something among the shadows.


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