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Cleanliness is next to...

Today, once again, I prepared for my impending move. (Also, I've been drinking a little, so this may or may not get a little surreal).
Today I primarily focused on the windows. By which I mean the windows and screens. It's been a while since I last cleaned the screens, so that was quite an adventure. I had to run to the local home centre to get screen cleaner, not to mention a new sponge to help clean the screens with.

While there, I found something that looked pretty neat. It was...how should I say it? 網戸のためのクイックルワイッパーみたいなものだった。網戸にその紙(?)を当ててこするだけできれいになるというものですが、普通の編網戸用洗剤より倍ぐらいの値段した。たぶんまだ独身だったら買っただろうが、もう家族のために節約しないといけないね。


Anyway, I got most of my screens doee, and also I did all the trimming around the doors and windows and whatnot.

It's amazing, though. The more one cleans, the more one becomes aware of dirt and dust and grease, etc., that he or she has never noticed before.
It makes me wonder if I'll ever finish at all....

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