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(Cherry Blossom Viewing) Part II


Cherry blossoms along a local stream were lit up last night.

Started 18 years ago by a professional lighting company (offering its services to the Japanese film and TV industries), when its offices were located along the stream and the company president decided up to light up a couple of cherry trees near the offices for the annual company cherry blossom viewing party.

This year, lights customized to create natural lighting to retain the pale color of the cherry blossom at night were set up to light up more than 650 trees, for local citizens to enjoy. My photography skills didn't do it justice. The lights were much softer, absolutely beautiful, especially because it was perfectly timed for the blossoms at their fullest. :embarrased:
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Just beautiful. The fact that they're being lit from below really highlights them nicely when using the darkened sky as a backdrop. I'd say this is just as beautiful as daytime viewing, if not moreso. Thanks for sharing!
Very nice indeed. I really love cherry blossom. hay.. I want to experience sakura season again. :)
Yes, the sakura season is wonderful, regardless of how many times you've seen it. I take pictures every year, knowing fully well that I've taken similar pics in the past.

Canada was also beautiful in autumn, the beautiful colors of the maples and other trees!! My vacation in Toronto and Montreal was unforgettable... :v:

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