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I knew “Eternal Summer” because of a song, then I know the film. About youth, about growth. Eternal Summer promises a touching story about three innocent young people’s frustration and loneliness in searching for a fulfilling love relationship. The film takes us back to the time when...
In fact, I know Miss Chanel because of Chanel fashion, Chanel bags. Through a friend’s introduction I read "Chanel's attitude." I want know more about her. Just like the attitude of this book from start to finish is a Chanel saying: I am lonely and proud, I am fashion, on behalf of France...
Recently I am more obsessed with constellations, on the row of celebrities in the constellation book; I find Chanel is a Leo woman. By the way, narcissistic to say that I am a Leo, too. Then I began to slowly understand her, love her. Some people assess her like this: Chanel, a woman who...

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