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Veru's Blog

I have a question. Which textbook is the best for learning japanese? I have found many (in english) and I don't know which one to choose. I'm learning japanese from czech textbooks but they are all for beginners. I have almost everything what is in czech for learning japanese but I want to...
What is the hardest thing in japanese? Kanji are a bit difficult because there are lots of them and because they usually have 2 or more readings. That is a bit difficult but at least there aren't any tones like in chinese. My problem is everything about numbers because there are many readings...
Hi everyone I'm wondering how many Kanji can a non japanese person learn? I'm sure at least 2 000. What do you think.
Hi I have learnt almost 300 Kanji in 4 months and I know them very good. I'm not learning any new now because I also learn the stroke order and I don't have a book where the stroke order is for all kanji. I'm not learning readings of them only the meanings. Now I'm going to learn some words...

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