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Having worked with many people from western countries, especially those from Europe for years and become friends with most of them, I got quite used to hugging and kissing as a part of greetings. Maybe it is because I'm female, as I don't think that all the Japanese businessmen experience such...
Reading the posts about what one "knows from one's experience", I feel that we tend to see what we want to see and hear what we want to hear. Not that everyone is so, but there's tendency we are blind/deaf to what we don't want, or what we take for granted. Also when we think that we see/hear...
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I always try to remember this story by Michiko Inukai. I don't remember which one, but in one of her essays she remembered her childhood and her nanny. (She was born in 1921 and from a good family, she's a grand daughter of Tsuyoshi Inukai.) When she was small, she was always afraid of going...

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