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Toshi_90's Blog

HALLO GROETJES FROM NEDERLAND :D :p Dutch is a funny language.. were still sitting between boxes and all XD the living room is unpacked but there is still a lot of junk around.. My mom is making a lot of fuss about the wall colours.. She wants something diffrent from france but it has to mach...
Hey a new entry from me.. About the girl.... she didn't want a relation with me :( She said she didn't want to get attached to me cause I would leave her to soon... I understand what she ment.. But it did hurt.. But I'm over it .. but I'm still glad I kissed her. I recieved my alpha copie...
just wonder if people really reed this blogs... No commen at all:( Well just try it again.. Move is getting real close now.. My mom doesnt allow me to buy new stuf cause we can't take that much with us.. And I have to start seaching out the things I don't want anymore. Just three weaks and I...
Wow I really like met this wonderfull girls today.. She is pretty nice and Listents to J-rock... She try's really hard to talk english to me ánd her Accent in it is sooo cute and adorible.. I wiss I met her earlier or never :( End this mond I will move to the netherlands.. And...

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