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SaruSaru's Blog

Oh my gosh, I really can't find any songs to sing. :emoji_frowning2: My voice is ugly, but I wanted to post a video on Youtube. I'm not that sure anymore. I just recorded myself singing Angela Aki's ´Never is a promise´. Hmmmmm... THAT WAS REALLY BAD! :emoji_flushed: But I like to sing.. Oh...
Konnichiwa!~~~~ I wanna cosplay as Axel or Misa-Misa.. But I really don't know how to find an Axel wig.. ARGH! I've got (almost) same hair color as Misa-Misa, and almost same hair length. But I don't know where to find a Misa-Misa costume!!!~~~ That's so annoying.. I think it's a bit...

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