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Salvater Chronicles

I like japan anime. Not all, bote some - is a poem! Sailor moon. May be it`s for girl and stupid strory. But some internal ideas - so greate! If this anime was not been - Salvater-Dragon ideas have not been created. :( Miyadzaki`s anime - Best, great, good anime. A like it - good...
Diary.ru was create a jubber server. Cool! I have been chatting with diary people :) From our city.. 😌
I found big & comlex & shocked article about it in RuNet (on russian). http://www.forexcenter.ru/crisis1/ O, my pure head...:( It`s really may be true... It`s Terrible..
Exept my nickname - it`s name of my stories hero. Zulan Grey - it`s normal name, but he can to make change form to Salvater Dragon - magic warrior to fight against DarkSide. :samurai: I have 2 big stories was written and 1 non ended story about him. May be I will write more about it. If...
Konnitiva! O genki des ka? It`s my first blog. Namely blog - I have a diary, but it`s not open for all. Diary russian, blog - english. It`s seems to me that is normal parallel 😌 Who am I? I am programmer from Russia. I try to study japon language now. English was learned in the school...

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