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RavenRockstar's Blog

I seem to be the almost only person I know who likes Obama ^^ People keep flipping out at me about how he's the anti-christ >_> Even if you DONT like him, thats pretty immature ☺
And i stayed up all AGAIN. I told myself I wouldnt do that anymore! >_< I shouldve known I was lying ☺ Then I sleep all day and still feel tired. But even though Im exausted I end up staying up all night again. Blehh
the past couple of days Ive gone AkuRoku crazzzzyyyy. Theyre just so cute, I cant help it lol. Some of my friends are judging me though XD cant say I really blame them 😊
I kinda disappeared off the face of the earth (or the internet at least) for a while I've been in the springs and haven't had access to a comp for more than 5 minutes at a time But now Im back to discuss and debate again ^^
I got out of school todayyyyyyyy! I dont have to deal with dumb people now! Well not invoulantarily any way ^^
gotta say, I didnt like that movie. The book was okay in places, I guess (but why are the vampires sparkling? ☺ ) But i must say That IMHO the movie was crap And why is everyone screaming about how they want to have robert pattinsons babies? ☺ hes not even good looking -_-'
Ive been looking in the recent blog thigie (Im not the only one! Ive seen you people on my recent visitors ^^) And people dont blog alot granted im sitting in an hour-and-a-half (Curse silent letters! It should be A Hour but its not because the H is silent >_<) class where we dont do anything...
I have this habit of thinking. Now, of course that in itself is not a problem really (other than that it makes me look like I have even less of an attention span then normal), but when I start thinking i think WAY TOO MUCH. I can sit and ponder about simple things for hours. I can look...
Wow I ve got headphones in and i have a problem concentrating on more that one thing at a time But yeah i figured id put a lil bio on here! ^^ The problem is that i cant figure out where to start :p Well, I love music (who doesnt?) and most of what I listen to isnt in English (my native...

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