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Well since my last blog entries there have been some interesting occurrences in my life. Some painful, some a blessing. Ray and I got engaged in October and due to the crap going on with North Korea (he's currently stationed in Okinawa) his expected time home has been altered and it has become...
Four years ago, a family friend was murdered in her home in December. My great aunt had lived next door to her for nearly fifty years, and I remember always visiting them both every Halloween since I was small. Although the police had a suspect and they were sure it was him, the evidence they...
At this stage in my learning I am but a rowboat in the vast sea of knowledge: I can get along through it, but I will have to push the oars with all my might to fight the tides that life stirs as part of the natural current. I have come across a slow spell in my education of the Japanese...

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