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I may have answered this in a thread some years back, but I want to post it as a blog entry. Until someone brought the subject up a while back, I had not given much thought to the question of, “What does Japan mean to you?” as no one had ever asked it before. In other words, what significance...
I've always wondered whether there is destiny in life or if everything is just left up to chance. Is one’s life, animal or human, planned out in advance and we just go through the motions of life unaware of what is actually in store for us or is it just a throw of the dice? I am not one who...
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The following was written after my visit to Japan this past May. May 16, 2007 I stood on the platform of Odakyu Sagamihara station as I had done so many hundreds (thousands?) of times in the past 34 years and never gave a second thought to where I was as it seemed so natural to me. After all, I...

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