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so..uhm..I just waned to post here my report on tokyo decadance..so read and comment! http://erlallosta.livejournal.com/2686.html#cutid1
last one week was not a good one. Usually I like to hear news from Japan, but now they were all rather bad. Saturday 9.8. This day will be another black marked in Japans VK history, because a talented young man died. Jasmine You... Though I didn´t know him personally (of course) I was very...
Yesterday I returned from Greece..I was there on excavations (I am an archaological student), so I joined work with vacation. I was in Volos, a harbour city in middle Thessaly. We worked in an area called Pefkakia, because there are lot of pine trees. Near to the sea, with a view on the...
I thought and thought in these last days, and thought about things. About my life...where I am heading to. What am I doing. But I didn´t figure out anything. After recovering my laptop only 40 Gb from 160 could be saved...among them the Uruha pics (I say LOL)... so I started to gather...
SO I just returnet from a trip to nürnberg. I wasn´t there on my own, iot was a trip organized by my scholarship giver, the DAAD (German academic exchange office). It was a great trip. Spending three days in an academic and higlhy intelectual environment...i liked it. It is amazing, how...
ok my first entry and a stupid one...why stupi? because ME is stupid. I broke the HDD on my laptop. Smacked it and it didn´t last. Why? I got angry...because it froze 3 times in two hours...so I lost my nerves. Ok welll done, but now I lost everything. 160Gb of documents, music, pictures and...

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