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NekoOfTheWind's Blog

so ver very annoying...☺ i joined jref friends, yea big mistake, now all i do is sit idle at the computer stareing at all the people i WANT to talk to but CAN'T because i have no MONEY. I didn't realize that i would have to pay jsut to concect to someone from across the world. i'f i had knowen...
this is all so new to me, i'm so scared about being on websites like this. i have no idea who might be on the reciving end of my posts and pictures. it's been drilled in my head sense i was 13 that every one on the other end of the computer is most likely a stalker or killer. thoughts like these...
wow..jsut about every where i go there is this option. bloging lol. isn't a blog just a big old diary that the world can look at. honostly it is almost to the point of being pointless i'm not wrong but yet here i am still typing one ja!:-) none the less i suppose i should use such a...

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