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Lexico's lexicalities

Tensho 篆書 in Ancient Japan, arriving not later than 57 CE A Gold Seal of Friendship From Han Guangwudi 光武帝 to the King of Wa 委奴王 discovered during the Edo period, at Hakata Bay 博多灣, Shikanoshima 志賀島, in Northern Kyushu 北九洲, the supposed seat of Yamatai 耶馬臺 ruler, 57 CE height: 2.2cm (1 漢寸)...
Setsumon Kaiji 說文解字, written by Kyoshin 許愼 around 100 CE, is on the web at last. It lists some 9,353 small seal scripts 小篆 and 1,163 alternate forms in the great seal 大篆, Warring States scripts 古文, contemporary scripts 今文, or odd scripts 奇字; and their etymologies and sounds as understood by the...

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