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labyrinth's Blog

Waking on the traviling sand cant tell the destination Is there a way to cross the desert on the arms Is there a place for the knights How do you want to be remembered is it a neighbor or just stranger My brain cells are on fire cant be far from madness Reaching for the answers Collecting...
Today I went threw strange feelings came in a raw when I met this girl that told me her story where she got married at 16 years old :?:? I was like just get up come with me to run you away where you could be free living your teenage dreams or whatever ☝☝ And just when she said that she is...
open wounds can never be healed only by the scent of your touch can't believe the reason why I'm still here trying to find a way >>> a way that would lead me to your heart I can hear the words you say I can see the dreams you fake I can hear you telling lies just to let me know that...
Am here now trying to know who I am all the ways I reached today were blocked since yesterday searching for a reason to hold on keep on going with you not around keep trying to find a place to call home Is there a place is there a time that I can see your eyes again if only the world...
Yesterday I woke up at 11 am an sudenly it was 9:40 pm !!! today I'm still trying to find out where did yesterday go ? and wounder how did I spent the 10 hours and 40 minutes ? no I didnt sleep no no no to all the questions I could think of ☝☝ the only thing that could of happened is the...

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