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kyami's Blog

Today it is Shou. I never finished the drawing so I scanned it in & had some Photoshop practice. I want a tablet. I did everything using the mousepad on my laptop :-) and the cat kept nudging me...
This time it's Tora ^____^ scanner didn't pick up all the shading though. Never mind http://kyami-neko.deviantart.com/art/Tora-2-153717728 :-):-)
aww I'm so proud of them, they've worked hard :bravo: one of my housemates has asked me to draw all of us together. I said one of my other housemates could do it as he's good at painting and using pastels etc but she said she wanted me to do it as I'm better at faces. I'm really flattered...
i ordered the Alice Nine DVD as a prezzie to myself for my 21st as it came out the day before my birthday. I don't have it yet and i wana watch it! i've seen on lj that ppl have been uploading scans of the book and ripping the DVD but i'm gona wait!! i wana watch it so bad but i will behave...
Well obviously he's not cos he always plays right handed. But the other day I was watching the Blue Planet video and despite having watched it countless times before I only just noticed that Tora has his guitar the other way round all the way through. I guess it was just his way of mucking...
Saw him last night in London ^_^ it was soo much fun. Miyavi is so cheeky though hehe he loves having his name screamed at him, he sort of made fun of our screams by mimicking us. he also said his website address and kept saying .com in a really moany erotic way.... oh and he said "did you...
for the Kerrang! Awards in the UK! vote them for every category except the 2 best British awards It doesn't matter which country you're from to vote. They seem to be getting quite a fan base over here now which makes me happy :D But it'd be nice for them to get a bit more recognition...
It just amuses me when I add something and straight away it's got views or a favourite. It's like "who would actually want to look at my doodles and why would someone favourite them?" and so soon after uploading it :clueless: hehe http://kyami-neko.deviantart.com/
stills taken from my camcorder so they're not great it'll only let me upload 4 >_< Girugamesh are playing there tmr. Not going though Been pondering about getting tickets for when Miyavi plays there in October. It's not sold out yet so I still got time to decide.
Toniiiiiggggghhhhtttt!!! yaaaay! 🤩 so excited, i'm leaving to get the train to London soon, I wonder how big the queue will be when I get there.... Gah I'm gona get lost on the underground. I hate London >_< too busy and confusing. But I'll get there with sheer determination! hehe :lol:
omg Dir en Grey last night were AMAZING! Kyo's voice was stunning. I got Shinya to sign my Uroboros CD :D
It's Diru tmr yay! I suddenly got reeaally excited over the past week or so hehe still can't wait for an cafe in march :-)
in january, do i go? sounds like fun ^_^
meeeeeee! in March in London yaaaaaaaaay!! so happy
it's my birthday which means the GazettE LEECH both versions are on their way, got an email saying they've been shipped. tis my prezzie to myself heeeee:cool:

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