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Kokoro no naka de ,ame ga futteru

Hey everyone! I have my college schedule!! Japanese classes everyday! You know it! Mean while I'm sweating about the placement test I'm going to take in August. Oh! And I put purple in my hair! It isn't loud as you can only see it in good light! Okay ttfn!
Yah!:dance: I got accepted to my first college! Eastern Michigan University! I'm on the road to learning more Japanese. SUGOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got back from winter break. I just worked most of it. Okay well nothing else is happening so catch ya later!!
Happy b-day to me!! Ashita,watashi wa juunanasai ni narimasu!! I'm going to be 17! Yeah I'm really not that excited but I will pretend to be tommorow. I'm not going to work or school!! Oh heck yeah!! :dance: :confetti:
Ugh. My stomach was hurting all day. I was so sleepy too. Ugh...Onaka ga itai desu...:(
I never get any comments. Yuck! >.< I'm preparing for college...I'm going to take Japanese yay! I also need a newspaper article ida. I don't want to flunk journalism. When I first started, I thought I'd be Lois Lane. Hey folks, It's harder than you'd think. Okay Mata ne noone(get it noone...
I'm so bored. Why did I come to school today. It just seemd to be a waste of time. I want to meet a Japanese guy..... I'm not a japanophile, I just have my preference. Many do. I also want to buy some j-rock stuff but where? ☝ Well this is my first blog.

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