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For the past few weeks I've been living in Tokyo, almost literally between the skyscrapers (close to Nishi-Shinjuku). I've had to buy my own food and drinks and take care of household stuff, and finally I came to the conclusion that Japan is actually not an expensive place at all ! Compared...
.. I won't talk about the great zombie movie "28 days later", but I'm happily to announce you something else. In about 28 days I'll be living in Tokyo for 3 months. My first planned trip was supposed to be 3 weeks, staying with my host family (see previous post), but now it turns out I'll be...
My first - and up to now only - trip to Japan was quite an overwhelming experience for me. First of all, I had never been outside of Europe nor taken an airplane in my life. The feeling I had when leaving the Narita airport was undescribable. As a small child entering Disneyland, I was looking...
I've considered making a blog for a while now and today is the day. I've always lurked at random blogs of people (mainly about Japan) and I was amused by it, so now it's time to give something in return. This is not going to be an in-depth blog about my private life. You won't read here what...

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