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I will be putting in my blog stories that you all can look at. Most of the time it is entertainment for you all and other times it is just for me to get better at writing for a crowd of people. I hope you all like them. I will put others up later. I put up the last one I am working on. If...
The Marian Hero Prolodge Contantine was a brownish blond headed man of six foot four inches in stature well tanned muscles and neon green eyes. Constantine was no longer a young man but a 34 year old sniper who was born on Mars to a Marian father and a mother with a German and Greek...
"Forgotten" V1 We lived together in your dark world You consumed my soul Hating what you created Hating the control lost Knowing I stand in the light of day Hoping you will change your ways Choirs I remember the times, the times you hurt me, the times you laughed thinking I...

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