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dsroks's Blog

ARG!!! It's sooo hot outside, you can't really do anything. :atsui: Maybe if there was a pool or something, it might not be so bad, but it's still sooo hot :( I'm so glad that I have a/c or else i'd just be lying on the floor with a fan on me not moving at all. I'd wish it would rain or...
Here I go again, forgetting all about this blog :sorry: Well, atleast I don't have that exciting of a life, you lucked out on hearing how boring my day was :p I need to remember to update more often... I actually erased all of my Hello!Online blog because I kept forgetting to update it. The...
Soo, haven't been doing much this week, but maybe I can go over to a friend's house this weekend. I really need to get away for awhile, but we shall see. Here's Mizuki-kun from Sadie!! All done with 2B pencils, but I like the outcome of this drawing much more than the previous one. Sorry about...
Here's Mao from Sadie, all done in pen. I'm sorry about the quality, but I don't have a scanner and I had to use my digital camera :sorry: This is the first drawing that I did of him, and there are alot of mistakes :worried:
WOW!!! I totally forgot about this blog :sorry: At least I haven't been doing anything exciting, I lead a pretty boring life 😌. Now that I'm back on here again, I might start posting my artwork, it's not a lot nor any good in my opinion, but I shall post some here none-the-else.:cool:
AHH! ?エ?エI found this really cool site (well actually it's someone on LJ ) and they have a whole BUNCH of H!P stuff, like PVs and photobooks, and alot of MUSIC!!! ?エ?エ Hehe, now I can get more music from some of the girls that I've listen to before and have liked! ?エ?エ Hope I get some sleep...
Hehe, I got a new blow dryer today!!! :cool:My mother got it for me for my birthday, which was a couple weeks ago :( But I needed one since my other had died a couple months earlier... it was in bad shape If I turned it on, it would start smoking, a real fire hazard.😌 And atleast I got...
Oh great... another blog, something I don't really know how to do.... but I'll give it my best shot!!!! Let's do our best!!!

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