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Derren Derosa's blog

Everyone has probably already seen this, but here it is!!! Miyavi's YouTube clip!!! Help Meevs take over the world!! http://jp. youtube. com/watch?v=r4tWJyjQEpY
I dreamed that he had his hair a dark brown auburn, and in cornrows like Gackt did during the redemption tour, but he had some of the strands dyed navy blue, violet, scarlet, and the most beautiful gold... and it all cascaded past his shoulders and down his back, and he looked like a god of the...
i dreamed i was walking in the park practicing my singing, and the most beautiful woman i'd ever seen walked up to me, and she had two guys with her. i asked her who she was, and all she said was, don't worry your faith will be rewarded. what???:clueless: my hair looked really good though :)
So I dreamed I was on a tv show with Miyavi, and they brought out these kittens for us to play with (?) and I was like, damn, I'd love to be his kitten... and that's when the dream ended. Reality sucks.
First, there was nothing. Then there was something. Finally, however it happened, there came to be chaos. Out of that chaos, stumbled out a demon of darkness and saw the something, and hid itself within the something. Occasionally the demon of darkness descends upon unfortunate humans, and...

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