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http://www.scienceblog.com/cms/flu-tracked-viral-reservoir-tropics-15943.html Well, if they find this breeding ground for the flu virus, then they may help stop the spread of the influenza around the world...☺ Flu tracked to viral reservoir in tropics Each winter, strains of influenza A...
http://www.scienceblog.com/cms/world039s-oldest-living-tree-discovered-sweden-15937.html Somebody spent a lot of time counting tree rings... :O The world’s oldest recorded tree is a 9,550 year old spruce in the Dalarna province of Sweden. The spruce tree has shown to be a tenacious...
http://blogs.amctv.com/scifi-scanner/2008/04/john-carter-mars-video.php Edgar Rice Burroughs was well known by the masses as the creator of Tarzan, but to science fiction fans, he will be remembered as the man who gave life to John Carter of Mars. Carter's literary exploits were by no mans...

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