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Danny om's Blog

Feeling pretty chuffed. Managed to get some gig action for December. First one is on the 9th, should be fun. Dubstep, jungle, drum `n`bass, breakbeat and hip-hop. The lads have been beaten into shape, my laptop is heavy with new stuff and the flyers are on their way. Game on! On a more serious...
Read in the news today about another gangland shooting in London. A 5 year old kid was in a the victims car at the time...what?!?!?:worried:. I can`t get my head around it. The sense of mutual respect and social awareness is fading fast. I know nowhere is perfect and I`m sure Japan has its fair...
:angryfire Tried to arrange studio time today for my crew today. but, that turned in to a cluster****. One of the rappers (Bdubz) has been removed from the crew for being an unreasonable, arrogant, selfish ****. Who does he think he is! The world does not stop and start whenever he feels like...

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