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Japanese for Busy People 2.... done... Now to begin on book 3! (I study on the train every day.) which means I get 2 hours of study in every day during the week. On Saturdays I go to Japanese class for 2 hours. So, 13 hours a week... now, I've been studying for about 9 months now; more or...
"This is fantastic Dad!" [pause] "So, you going to make miso-ramen next?" [pause] "Ya, sure..." [sigh/] So, guess what's next for me? Miso Ramen... woohoooo! BRING IT ON!
Shoyu Ramen Made from scratch; except the noodles which I bought fresh but frozen. b.moddo
Perfect. Well, IMHO it's perfect... just the way I like it. It takes all day to make a good soup. I start with: 5 liters of cold water 1 whole chicken (roasted) [I know, it could start out as a nice, fresh, cleaned chicken, but that's not what I had on hand... I've also used pork bones for...
Almost done... Well, it still has to finish cooking and all, but the resulting shoyu (soy) soup base from brazing the pork shoulder has been simmered down and now I just have to wait for the main soup to be done. Play-by-play cooking! Perhaps I ought to post images next time... b.moddo
Right now I'm making soup for Ramen. I know... you're asking "why cook ramen at home?" Well, for starters, where I live there are no places to go out for ramen... how's that? So, I've taught myself to make soup, charshu (the pork that get's sliced on top of ramen) and while I buy my noodles...
I think I've reached a point where I understand more than I can speak. I had the same thing happen when I was learning French in junior school. The biggest difference is that in junior school most of my friends were French Canadian and I was immersed in the language in and out of school so I...
I've been asked that; especially by my Korean friends... ;) Answer? Well, I have this interest in Japan at a cultural level; modern (pop) as well as the Japanese reverence for tradition. Language is the embodiment of a culture. Through language we learn to communicate between cultures and...

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