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Another Blog Thingie...~!

I've got my new cellphone today😊 And I'm very happy with it. It's a Samsung e900 :D I don't know if it's good or not :p But I don't care, it's good enough for me :)
I have a little question. Maybe you've all heard it once. But I want to learn japanese, but I totally mess up at the Grammar. Can somebody give some tips how to learn them? I tried a few times, but it's hard. Thanks :bow:
Just wanted to show you all this. If you're going to watch it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CKOysI8ZQQ&feature=related Don't die laughing.:lol: I almost died of laughing at 2.14min. Enjoy:p
Yesterday was a very happy day, but it ended with crying in my room. I had a little argument with my little sister, she was talking that i do a bit too much with her friends and that im always with them and stuff. That made me realise how much i miss my friends. Last year, i was one of...
Not that I can keep up having a blog as much as yumeitsumo does. But it's not that hard to try right. You know, more people should use the blog thingie here. Anyway... What i was going to tell you (whoever's looking...:p) In a few minutes i have to go to my first guitar lesson. I haven't...
I was just used to my beautifull long hair... NOT Got myself a new Haircut~!! Looky~! Old : And a New one : Sorry im very excited 😊 No more brooming my hair Just shake the head and it'll look nice :cool:
Wooooot~! :lol: FINALLY vacation time. Time to get totally sick of DDR, and die in front of my ps2... Oh, forgot to mention the ds :p lol SO much to do, so little time! And then we also have the fireworks! BEing together with family ! A happy vacation with lots of snow... (Not!!!) At...
Lol, life is going just fine now (life couldn't get better yay~! :lol:) I have waaaaay to much energie the last few days... demmn cant express it :p From the morning till noon i'm very happy but tired and after school around 8pm, I'll get this energy kick... :p And then H=L and I are...
I'm not really good in making blogs. Maybe after i made this, i'll forget i made it and then in a few months realise that i've had a blog. 😌 Anyway, on to blog news then? Err,,, I'm really having problems with practising on my bassguitar. I've had Acoustic Guitar lessons since January...

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