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Abz Xhantini's Blog

When I feel like this, I picture myself in Japan, sitting in one of those open traditional houses with Yatra incense burning and me sitting in seizen eating chow fan. That is my happy place. hen i feel defeated and weak, I take myself there and one of my friends would join me and we would...
It's been such a busy day. So the end to my high school career is coming to an end. The scary part is leaving all that I know and the people i love behind. Tody we had the last day of classes, before we do self study for our final exams- which I can't wait for! Really I didn't see the need to...
Yah hey, the exams are coming up and the Physics and Chemistry sections are.... hmmmm... lets just say, very interesting. I am planning on scheduling extra lessons with my physcis and Math teachers. Eish, but everyone is so busy. So I guess I better continue oon my own. I know I'n not the only...
I am sooooooooooo nervous about my applications and the exams as well. How did you prepare for them especially the Physics and Chemistry/ Did you have to do the Japanese test? And the interviews what type of things did they ask and how were they? I am waiting for gthem to call me for the...

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