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A Void Blog

Recently during my lunch break i`ve met brave but absolutly reckless (from the human point of view) squirrel. Hell knows how it got itself in the midst of the city, but looked like this fluffy was heading toward park on the outskirts of the city and its intention was to cross the highway (it was...
It became some sort of personal tradition, summer ritual. Every year as blooming time comes (in normal regions it is called spring, but our spring doesn`t fit the name “normal”) and acacia unfolds its little yellow flowers I won`t miss a bush. When I pass one I always pick a flower or two. It...
Watched it already twice. Simple, predictive, yet wise without obtrusion and very funny. Made me laugh, smile and drop a tear. Story doesn`t hide allusions to other movies, doesn’t have a unique plot (if such thing possible at all) but it is certainly beautifully touching in its simplicity and...

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