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Biwako Biennale is an art festival established in 2001. Presented in 18 different venues, the artwork is exhibited in abandoned traditional Japanese houses renovated by residents of Hikone and Omihachiman.

Established in 2001, Biwako Biennale is celebrating its 9th edition in 2020. The exhibition will be presented at more than 18 venues, most of which are buildings from the Edo period (17 – 19th century), including Hikone Castle. Going from one venue from to another, visitors will be able to appreciate works of art while taking a scenic walk in the towns of Omihachiman and Hikone.

The theme of the 9th Biwako Biennale is “Cosmic Dance”. About 70 artists and art units from Japan and all over the world will gather in the towns of Omihachiman and Hikone to highlight the beauty and transience of the fall, for a period of one and half months. Animated by the works of contemporary artists, the long-abandoned buildings from the Edo period will enchant audiences all through the festival. In harmony with the exhibits, these aged houses will regain their dignity, adding spice to the streets of Omihachiman and Hikone, which are still filled with the traditional atmosphere of the ancient period.


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