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Me and my friend, Alex, went to the beach today. Man, was it the best day of my life. Just being in the sea and having fun. He taught me how to lie on the back in the water and taught me how to swim. We also met up with a Chinese person named Tong. I asked him about Mao. He said that Mao was a great person in his beginning. He said that later in his life, Mao did huge mistakes, and he did them as a retaliation to the people that tried to take him down. We also talked about the Chinese girls. He told me that Chinese girls have great affection to foreigners. So I must come to China after hearing this. He also told me that I can get a citizenship in China by just marrying a Chinese female.

Later on when we were about to leave the beach we met up with a Spanish guy. We didn't know his name. I started talking to him about football and I quickly asked: "Real Madrid or Barcelona"? He said "Barcelona" since he lives there and was born there. Then I asked him: "Iniesta or Messi"? He said Messi. Because he is the best player in the world right now. He asked me if I like Real Madrid, I said no. And I really didn't. I hate Real Madrid and I especially hate Cristiano Ronaldo. Too much ego in one person...

Basically it was an awesome day today. Hope every day will be like this. :D


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