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Be gentle! its my first time!


Greetings JREFers! I hope you are all doing well wherever you are in the world :)

Coming to the end of my first semester of studies in Japanese, I had to say studying in a university was different to what I had imagined. Being an older student I first felt a bit isolated since a lot of students around me were fresh out of high school.
The English of the Japanese lecturer (Yano-sensei) was really very good but hard to hear through the accent and the fact her microphone was not functioning on that first day lol. Eventually it was something I become accustomed to and as the semester went on, she peppered more and more Japanese and gradually words that made me go "huh?" before I eventually started to understand.

I remembered there was a girl sitting in front of me on the first day whispering to her friend "Oh my god I can barely understand her, why is she using so much Japanese?" Maybe it was better she studied the Japanese culture subjects that are in English lol. Didn't see her again in lectures after that.

Yano-sensei the lecturer was actually a very kind person who was just a little quietly spoken and funnily enough it was her first time teaching Japanese at Monash. After I had a disaster of a mid-semester written test, I expected the mantra "you should study harder!" from her when I wanted to look at my test but she just smiled and just said "You know it's really quite hard the intermediate phase, when your just starting to put together more complex grammar and its frustrating when you know what you want to say but it doesn't come out quite right. Don't worry, the more you practice using your Japanese, the more better you will become." I was kinda relieved...and she went through my written test with me and told me which areas I should focus on before the exam. "Ganbatte ne." she said with a smile, "Arigatou gozaimashita sensei", she laughed with an "iie iie" 😌

That was the first time I'd approached a lecturer for help when I was struggling...and it felt kind of good. I was apprehensive approaching her at first because I was afraid I might be inadvertently rude or offend her somehow...but it turned out ok ^^ She told me that she was worried because not many students had come to see her to look at their tests but she was glad I had come to see her...and I was glad too. My first time went pretty well huh? lol.

Tomorrow I face my final written examination. All the furigana has been removed from the kanji so It will be tougher than the mid semester written test.
Wish me luck!


Okay, I will ask what everyone who has read this wants to ask.

Is she hot?

More detailed description of her physical features would have made this post much much more exciting for me to read.

Good luck on the written exam!!!
What a one track mind! :emblaugh:

She's not a model but she is very cute ^^

Thank you Ashikaga-sensei!
Well, the lack of an update could only mean one thing....

Did you fail miserably? Did your teacher tell you that she was "disappointed" in you? How is she dressed during classes?
hahaha ^^ It's coming! Dont worry :) Would you like a picture and her profile? Maybe we can organise and online date ;)

I'm just in the process of completing my other examinations among other things :)

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