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Back from sunny, warm Guam.

Well, I am back from Guam. As is usual whenever I take a trip I ended up visiting the local hospital(Guam Memorial Hospital, approx. 2am). Since my sister-in-law and I rented a car, we had found the hospital 3 times on accident as they don't actually use street signs to label the roads. Plus the only map we could find was in Japanese, that and all the other tourist brochures as well. Anyway I awoke at 1am with extreme pain in my back. I thought I was going to die. It was the absolute worst pain ever. My SIL drove me to the ER and I had a CT scan and that showed a kidney stone. It was on the move and was it hurting. I got some pain meds, checked out and went on to spend the day sightseeing. I loved every minute in Guam. (except the kidney stone) I just always wonder why these things happen to me. When I called home my husband wasn't surprised, he said that's why we took the insurance. That is something I would highly recommend to any traveler. They are reimbursing my entire bill. Anyway, It's always good to be home. We leave for Tokyo on Wednesday and I hate to think of what is going to happen to me on that trip. I am getting a little concerned that weird medical things happen to me when I travel.


woahh, sounds like u had a crazy trip, that really sucks having to wake up so late with pain and everything, r u going to take out the kidney stone? i dont know much about it but hope u get well
Well, as they say, nature takes its course. The stones were able to get out on their own. Just a lot of pain meds! I am just soooo happy that the stones didn't decide to move while on the plane. So all in all I was lucky.

I want to go back to Guam. I didn't know all the WWII history of the island. Somehow we never talked of Guam while in school.

thanks for the well wishes! :)

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