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Baby part 3

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This is baby part 3.

We went to the clinic again yesterday and the baby is doing fine, and Mayuko is doing alright as well... even though she having a lot of problems with the morning sickness... And she's having strange eating habits... sometimes she can eat a lot, and sometimes nothing at all.

Anyway, you can have a look at two photo's on my Dutch (new) blog:


Glad to hear Mayuko-san and the baby are doing well!
When I had morning sickness, riding trains and cars used to make me sick.
I experienced binge eating, too--like eating a huge nigirizushi plate usually serving 10 people, all by myself!
My mother said she made my father run around in the middle of winter in search of watermelons when she was pregnant with me! lol
Wow i wish you both much strenght, not only for Mayuko-san but for the both of you! Now tell me one thing, what do you really want because you never said that before? A boy or a girl?
シン (Shin)
I really really want to have a healthy baby!

Besides that, it would be nice to get a girl first.

What you want is called 一姫二太郎 (ichi-hime, ni-tarou).
You may have already heard, but it is said in Japan that the ideal is to have a baby girl first, and a boy second. The reason is that girls are supposed to be easier to take care of, which is good for inexperienced parents. Baby boys tend to be fussier--crying without any apparent reason, etc.

Hope it turns out that way! Still, it's OK to have a boy first, too. I had a boy first, followed by a girl.
True to the saying, after having a baby boy, a baby girl was a breeze!! (^_^)v

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