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Baby on the way.

Well, I thought to share this big news with everyone I can post it in a thread or something like that.... But I think making a blog post about it would be better.

My wife did a small test a couple of days ago, you know the one you can do at home, and will change color or get a small line. Well a small pink line came, so it meant that she was pregnant.

We wanted to know for sure, before sharing it with other people so she went to the clinic today, and found out that she is in her 6th week. I know it's still a little bit early... but I just wanted to share this wonderful news with you guys.

Dave is going to be a Daddy ;)

P.s. I will probably ask a lot of questions about this matter the upcoming months... so be prepared. :)


omedetou gozaimasu!!!!!

Your wife is beautiful if I may say so, the child will be a cute one and I envy the fact that it will become a native speaker of both English and Japanese. Good luck and best health to both of you in the upcoming months. ...(_ _)...
Congratulations Daddy Dave!

You may bet, you are going to learn a lot of things (and not the last patience). Take care of your wife and yourself, with such parents this worls is going to get one more cool guy or girl (maybe, twins, ne? ) :))))
Omedetou gozaimasu, Dave!!

Lucky you! I'm sure the baby's going to be beautiful!!
Congratulations Dave! I'm sure you'll make a great parents and I'll bet the grandparents-to-be are ecstatic. Sorry I can't help you here as I've never experienced fatherhood, but I'm sure you'll receive alot of advice from other fathers here. Good luck to the both of you!
Congradulations indeed !! Oh that can be such a great moment...that of knowing new life is developing; developing from the combination of the two that make the love happen!

I'm ready to answer as many questions as I know how to, or feel confident in answering !! By thread, PM or e-mail...just pop them to me !!
Thanks for the congratulations you guys. It went pretty fast to be honest, 2 months ago we decided we wanted to have a baby, and now she is already 6 weeks pregnant (I've heard stories of people whom took months or longer to get pregnant...).

It's a great thing, but of course also a bit scary... especially because my Japanese isn't on the level I want it to be yet, and neither is my job position (i'm making enough money... but the holiday's etc aren't great)... but life can't be that perfect right ;).

Anyway, I will be researching a lot about pregnancy and will ask my questions when I have some.

wow... from Uncle Dave to Daddy Dave ;)
Congratulations, Dave!

Like Pachipro, I'm not much when it comes to fatherhood issues, but I'll try to help where I can, too.
A big congratulations to you and Mayu-chan!! You must be so happy and excited!
Wow, you'll be a great dad!
What a great news... :cool:
I'm sure both of you'll make great parents.
Looking forward to your news, especially the one in next June!!
Congratulations Dave!!!! I wish you the best and if its gonna be a boy would you call it Shin? 😌
but what if its a girl? :eek:
Very happy for you, Dave.

This is where life begins; everything previous was practice.
It's wonderfull to have a child of your own.
Dave, raise it well and give it all your love, never say your child stands in the way, teach him not to touch stuff like vases etc...
and study with your child, from an analyse they say that children who get aid from parents that they are more clever and independer then that they have to do everything on theirself.
Hey Davechan! Once again congratulations! :) Hope to come over next year, by then you'll be a daddy already :D Later man !
I hope you'll have lots of fun the upcomming weeks~! :wave:
wow Congratulations Dutch ^^ it's a great news.
hope you have a good and beautiful baby ^^
all the best wishes

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