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Atami Trip

Atami Trip - Ultra HD 4K

Atami Trip - Ultra HD 4K | Made in Tokyo

A weekend at coastal beach city Atami Japan.

Video Time Stamps in YouTube 📒
0:38 - Maruten Fish sticks (store link below)
0:53 - Restaurant: 熱海 しらす丼 Dorome (@7-32 Sakimicho, Atami, Shizuoka 413-0019)(full video below)
1:41 - Atami Ryokan: 地魚料理の温泉宿 やどかり HERE ➡️ 地魚料理の温泉宿 やどかり【公式サイト】
2:22 - Japanese Dinner Kaiseki (full video below)
3:12 - Kinomiya Shrine (full video below)

External Links⚡️
1. Maruten (fish sticks store link) HERE ➡️ MARUTEN ATAMI STATION - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews - Tripadvisor
2. Shirasu Seafood Bowl (Atami Japan)
3. Kinomiya Shrine video HERE ➡️

Official shrine site HERE ➡️ Kinomiya Shrine


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