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Asian Cooking For Busy Professionals

You crawl home from another trying day at work.

More bills in the mail box.

You open the door and are blasted by the sound of Yugi-Oh from the living room.
The kids are fighting again.

Bob, your husband, is nowhere to be found, probably down in the basement on his computer chatting with one of his "friends" he's met on some on-line forum about Japan.

The dog is barking and the cat is scratching at the door wanting to be let out.

The place is a MESS.

There are 4 messages on the answering machine. One is from the library telling you that the latest Sue Grafton book you had taken out but haven't even opened is over due.

The next one is from your mother, who wants to talk to you about your father.

The other two are from a young Japanese girl from Kanagawa who is looking for "Brad" that she had met on-line. you have spoken to this girl once and told her that you had no son who was 19, blond, tanned, toned and a big fan of Miyavi. You've asked Bob who had spent a year in Japan as an English teacher when he was a junior in college 15 years ago if he knew the girl but he had no idea.

You are having one of those moments. Those moments when you think to yourself,

"Maybe this was a big mistake."

Instead of bashing your husband's head in with the PS3 console that is inexplicably sitting on the kitchen table when he asks you, "What's for dinner?", why not treat yourself and your family with an easy, fast, delicious, no-clean-up Asian cuisine???

Here's what you need. (for a family of 4)

:33: 8 sheets of dried, toasted Nori seaweed
:33: 2 large cartons of cooked white rice you
picked up at the Chinese Take Out on your way home
:33: a Large order of Boneless Spareribs from the same Chinese Take Out
:33: a half-eaten jar of Kimchee from the fridge
*Optional : Cilantro left-over from Bob's
weekend Chips & Salsa disaster

It is so simple to put it all together.

You spread a thin layer of rice on a nori sheet.
Place a few strips of the spareribs in the middle.
Top that with some Kimchee.
Sprinkle on some Cilantro.
Roll it up.
Repeat seven times.

Voila!! What you have is a dish that is Japanese, Chinese & Korean literally ROLLED into one!!

It is guaranteed that you will get WAY-TO-GO-MOMs from the kids as well as a Honey-Where-Did-You-Learn-This from Bob. Just tell Bob you learned it from a Japanese guy on the internet!


Hilarious, Ashikaga-san! LOL

I don't have any Chinese takeout lying around, so I'll use some of last night's goya-champuru for now! :v:
a窶塒??塒??塒??塒?..Goya! I have seen it in super markets but have never tried it. It certanly LOOKS interesting, though. I hear it has a slightly bitter taste and I love bitter greens.
It is definitely on my STUFF-TO-TRY list.

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