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Well, it has been a few months (ha) since I last put up one of these blog thingies. Thought It was time to try again since the change to the new updated forum.
I've had a play with the settings for My Profile change. hope you like the new colour scheme, if not, tough:D. Made plenty of friends, which beats the old buddy system.
In some way thses makes it better than Myspace, which I now visit rarely and haven't posted anything on that blog for ages. Now the forum in improved I probably visit even less. All you seem to get is spam on that.
As for myself I have recently been on our Scout Groups camp at a place called Rough Close, just outside Coventry. Very convenient for us as we are based in Nuneaton (get your maps out for those who don't reside in the UK).
fairly nice weather and only some rain on the Sunday night and early Monday morning.
We have a larger camp later in the year where we are taking around 50 kids to the Isle of Man for our proper centenary camp. I might take some photos of that and put them up for you to see.
Doing well really. Scouting was 100 years old last year (founded 1907 by Baden-Powell) and our group is 100 years old this year. We had someone come round once and they had tracked our group back and found it to be about the 3rd or 4th oldest group in the world. We even have picture going back to about 1910and the first record of the group was found in a local Newpaper article dated July 1908.
Anyhoo, I shall, maybe, possibly, try and make a few more of these more often.
Bye for now:wave:


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