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After a 2 hour delay we finally arrived in Sydney around midnight (hooray!). I have no idea what I'll be doing today...a few of my friends are splitting off to meet family and another has some work commitments to tend to...so I'll just be looking around by myself this afternoon.

This morning I received an SMS from an "unknown caller" and when I looked at it, I realised it was my results for last semester. I wasnt expecting them until Monday!


(The Scores are out of 100 by the way)

Nihongo (Japanese) - 75
Asian no reshiki (Asian History) - 75
Gengogaku (Linguistics) - 85
Shakaigaku (Sociology) - 85

50-59 is a pass, 60-69 is a credit, 70-79 is a distinction and 80+ is a high distinction.

WOOHOOOOOOO! I'm so very happy with my results~! The Japanese result was so much better than I hoped for~! I thought I would only get a credit at best considering how miserably I did on a few Kanji tests ><;; Asian History was hard...so I'm very happy with that mark.

Overall I have an average of about 80 so I'm extremely happy right now~!

I hope to have an even better semester this time around with the help of all you guys on JREF. :)

Until next time
Ja mata kondo desu ne~!


Who would have thunk it!? That Kirakira dude is pretty smahhhht!! I don't think I ever got 85 out of 100 in any subject when I was in school...

Congratulations! Now, enjoy your vacation in Sydney! Go hold a Koala bear at the zoo or sumthin'... That's what every tourist does in Sydney, no?
lol thats what a Japanese tourist might do :p

You should visit the land down under someday Ashikaga-san~! And besides the Koala's are cuter in Melbourne than in Sydney.

Thanks for the congratulations ^^;; I'm very relieved.
Ahhhh~ so what I heard about the Koalas in Sydney being jaded and bitter is true. Being "cute" all the time for the amusement of the tourists is not easy, I should know.
lol I think the Sydney people in general are a little cold and bitter :p Although that just might be my bias speaking ;) Although its true they do get much nicer weather than Melbourne even in the middle of winter.

I didnt know ASHIKAGA was a tourist attraction :O How much is it for entry?
Last time I took a (mock) test, I got something like 45%, so I'd say you're almost twice as smart as I am!
Mikawa Ossan~! Arigatou ^^

Ahh I dont think I'm that smart...I feel like I dont know anything sometimes when the Japanese exchange students speak to me in Japanese lol ^^;;

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