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And So This is Marriage

Yes, I'm a married man now.

Married life is...interesting.

Decisions are much more fluid than I imagined. Deciding an "A" today doesn't preclude the possibilty of changing that to "B" tomorrow. Of course on the next day, all bets are out the window.

I thought that when you're married you can say what you think exactly as you think it, but I found out the hard way, that that is something you NEVER can do with women. It's amazing how quickly things get taken out of context.

I am not complaining, but I certainly have some adjusting to do. Any advice on married life would be most appreciated.:bow:


First of all congratulations with your marriage!!! I wish you and your wife all happiness and luck in the world, that you will grow old and gray together, have a lot of fun, and will be able to share sad things as well together.

Advice... Frank his advice is maybe a good one.

"Yes, Darling"
Thanks, Dutch!

That may be good advice, but that'S never been the way we work. I tell her what I think, and she tells me what she thinks. Unfortunately, sometimes I say things that I had perhaps better leave unsaid. Oh well. I guess I have to get used to having things be "my bad", right? lol
If you would be on Msn a bit more, and be more specific I might be able to give some tips... but I am only married for 3 years so I'm not sure if I can give you very good advice.

Before you say something think about it, especially when it's important. I have sometimes said certain things to my wife... a promise for example... without thinking about it realistic or well enough.

Anyway... let's talk on Msn if you got time.
MSN, I'll have to see if I can even find that icon any more! lol

Sometimes I'll say a joke or an observation that I don't really mean, and as much as I try to make it obvious that it's not a "serious" comment, sometimes it gets misunderstood.

And it's not a language (Japanese vs English) problem at all. Sometimes I just need to keep my mouth shut. "Iwanu ga hana" and all that stuff.
mikawa さん 結婚おめでとう。







How'd I miss this post? Man, congratulations! What fantastic news. I'm wishing you and Lady Mikawa the bestest!
Honesty to yourself and your partner. Also as was said to me, always see each other through a lovers eyes. If you do that nothing seems that bad, or too hard to overcome. :) Also remember to have fun, sometimes we forget that. When you first start dating you do fun things; once you get married you stop "dating" each other and having fun, silly times.
Thank you, Goldiegirl!

Luckily nothing has really changed between us. Perhaps the fact that we're not living together yet has something to do with that, but I truly hope that like you say, we can remember to have fun together throughout the rest of our lives. That's good advice, I'd reckon!
But be prepared that your feelings can change by time, and that you have to accept that and that you have to take responsibility to your marriage.

I agree with Goldie, and want to add something to it: Don't forget the little things that make one happy in life ( I once made a thread about it, but where it is... only the search button will know)
Marriage is a partnership. Try to hear out the other side before deciding what to do. Choose what you want to say and don't make the I statement to the woman or she might get offended. I have been married a year now so I understand some of the rules.
Thanks for the advice, but unfortunately I'll have to keep in mind for my next wife, assuming that I can marry again. My wife and I divorced over the summer.
What?!!! I was wondering because I kept seeing the word divorce in some of your posts... I'm sorry to hear that, Mikawa. Let me know how you are doing. OK?
Thanks. If you ever used to read my blog, I have it up and running again, so you can read the little I had to say about it there if you like.

I was really down for a couple of months, but I feel much better now. In fact, I am ready to begin anew!
Good, I can read your blog again! I'm glad to hear that you feel better.

Hey, enjoy your freedom now! There are things you can only do when you are not married!! ;)
I'm beginning to feel that showing ramdom entries at the top page of the blog section is not a very good idea...
It appears that many members believe it is the latest one.
It wouldn't be so bad if people read the comments before they posted....

ARIAM, thanks, but I'm not married any more. My wife decided she'd rather be single.

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